My Beloved

My beloved, how long have I been waiting for this moment, to be able to stand here by your side. Hand in hand, surrounded by our brothers and sisters, knowing full well that we are loved beyond measure. We have truly been blessed by our God. My beloved, what a journey it has been- to … More My Beloved

Dating: What to look for in a Significant Other

People spend a significant amount of time looking for love. Whether it’s through online dating sites, blind dates, or a good old fashioned courtship, people want to find a worthy mate to call their own. In the search, singles are often asked for “The List,” or “Core Values,” in essence, the essentials that one wants … More Dating: What to look for in a Significant Other


You probably know that feeling, maybe you’ve experienced it before- a couple walks by hand in hand, all romantic and cute, and suddenly what used to be a pleasant day turns into a day of mourning and self-pity. You look around at the non-existent audience and tearfully whisper, “Are you not entertained?” before curling up into … More Covetousness